Oleg and Mary

Oleg and Mary Oleg and Maria, two managers, working in firms providing engineering services. One day they meet in the office of Mary before the interview with Nikolai Barsukov, who wants to get the position of consultant to their company. According to Mary, in the course of conversation should first find out the details of the qualifications and character of the experience of Nicholas, which he bought earlier, and also find out where he got this experience.

On the other hand, Oleg believes that much more important to determine which ideas to offer Nicholas, what are its potential, in other words, get an idea of how it can manifest itself in the future.

As the debate becomes apparent acute contradiction between the approach and the opinion of Oleg Mary. Maria dissatisfied. She regularly conducts such interviews on behalf of the company and always makes a decision based on the past experience of the applicant office. She likes to ask a candidate about his biography, while figuring out as much detail as you can. But Oleg regularly conducts interviews, although in this case they usually did so separately. He has a completely different approach, since it is of the opinion that the past is the past, but in this case is only meaningful future. His mind is more conceptual: it tries to determine the ability of candidates to the advancement of new ideas and the ability to formulate new proposals for future work.

Another solution could approach closer to you: Mary's interest in the facts and the past experience of the applicant or the desire to Oleg identify its potential?

Taras and Eugene

Let us consider some typical situations from everyday life. Here are some examples in which you define what conduct is responsible for your character to a greater extent in comparison with another type of behavior. See how a course of action in the example corresponds to your preferences. More details on this issue later sanctify.

The typology of personality

All people are different - the understanding of this fact it is a thousand years ago. In the year 450 BC, Hippocrates proposed a classification for which type of individual character and temperament could be assigned to one of four categories that differ sharply from each other. Several centuries mankind has adhered to this theory. Only with the publication of the book Carl Jung's "Psychological Types" saw the light of more detailed analysis of human psychology. In the Swiss psychologist, has been shown that each of us has a specific and well-recognizable features. Although this book was just a tiny part of his scientific work, she served as a solid foundation for further studies of long-term.

The purpose of this site

key to the psyche

Hello, dear users!

Do you ever get confused because of an unexpected reaction from a person's inner circle? How often do you have a desire to understand why people are just so and not otherwise feel, think and act? Since all live and work in a particular environment, each will inevitably happen to be fascinated, intrigued, or fall into despair because of the fact that the person with whom he communicates an entirely different character. At certain times we are surprised even our own reactions, especially in cases where the reaction is puzzling associates. If we could at least to some degree to understand themselves and those close to us who comes to us in everyday relationships, then life could have been calmer and not so hard!

What is temperament

The main properties of the individual include: temperament and character. Temperament is due to the type of nervous system and primarily reflects innate behaviors. In temperament is expressed in man's relation to what is happening around the event.

Any person should always take into account the particular temperament of people with whom he has to work and communicate.
It is necessary for efficient interaction with them, reducing the likelihood of conflict situations, to avoid possible stress. There is no best or worst temperaments. Therefore, efforts at contact with the person should be directed not to fix it, and the clever use of the advantages and benefits of temperament with simultaneous neutralization of negative symptoms.

The earliest classification of the types of temperament has been developed in the II century BC
Roman physician Claudius Galen. In this typology there are four main types: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic. As a rule, you should talk about the prevalence of certain traits of temperament, the relationship of temperament and their percentage in the individual. In the "pure" individual temperament types are rare.

Красота девушки летом

Каждой девушке хочется быть симпатичной и привлекательной в глазах окружающих. Но хоть женская красота и зависит от внешних факторов, не менее важна и внутренняя составляющая. Например, для девушки очень важно быть любимой и любить самой. Особенно важно девушке важно любить себя, свою женскую сущность. Не менее важно и то, как сама женщина реагирует на комплименты и внимание со стороны. Если она привыкла быть серой мышкой, то стать королевой ей будет очень сложно, хотя бы потому что внутреннее она уже смирилась со своей безликостью.
Когда девушки читают новости красоты и здоровья, им становится намного легче ухаживать за собой. Состояние здоровья и внутренний настрой играют определяющую роль в формировании красоты. Элементарно, если девушка несчастна в личной жизни, или у неё есть хронические заболевания, то она по определению не будет чувствовать себя привлекательной. Поэтому, чтобы такой девушке чувствовать себя счастливой и красивой, нужно, в первую очередь, разобраться со своим внутренним миром и состоянием здоровья.
Так что, дорогие девушки и женщины, не заменяйте косметикой свои проблемы, а решайте их, и всё у вас будет хорошо. Окружайте себя любимыми людьми и заботьтесь о себе прежде всего.
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