Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving Summary: discreet, creative, logical, and adaptable.

Opinion introvert-intuitive-sense logic is always logical and rational, and is generally believed that he was intellectually superior to others. This is because his mind quickly grasps the importance of the information that relates to the subject of consideration, eliminating all irrelevant. Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-sense are often one step ahead of others who can not quickly follow their complicated rationale.


Summary: sociable, creative, logical, and adaptable.

Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-The receiver takes part in a great many cases and has many interests and projects underway. Inexhaustible source of ideas, a man of this type offers a new respect for everything that comes his way. Ideas emerge from him at any moment, his mind is always busy pondering them. Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-sense is constantly plotting and more new projects, and as they develop the initial idea is influenced by new information.

Other people, especially the type of decisive, may at times be considered discouraging such behavior: they started a business, and Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-The receiver has to go back to the beginning, because now the thought is quite different. They are extremely creative, and their idea works so fast that very few can keep pace with them.

Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic serves expertly-sense ideas and can persuade others so that all will accept them with enthusiasm. But sometimes they have no idea whether the idea is feasible in practice since the implementation of the preferred impose on others. As soon as the idea of ​​becoming a business, which means the need to address current problems in small, Extraverts-Intuitive-Logic-sense usually lose interest in it, and they possessed a new idea. If someone has the first idea will, then there is hope for the completion of the case, otherwise it will die from lack of attention. The importance of continuous systematic attention to the small practical details elude the people of this type, and many of their brilliant ideas die because of neglect. But this type of brilliant people manifests itself when you want to propose something bold and unconventional.

If Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-sense at home or at work glued to a routine repetitive procedures, then they can come to despair and become depressed, not even knowing why. They need a constant challenge from the environment and the diversity of life in their own, they need that they were several cases. People of other types can not understand this man and consider this type of unnecessary and scattered.

At work and at public events Extraverts-Intuitive-Logic-sense - a funny and charming sides because of their sociability and keep a good mood. With a logical mind, they may prove an advantage of anything, as it will go, no one can resist their arguments.

People like Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-The receiver is hardly a model of order and organization, but they create a lively atmosphere for the other family members. Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-sense, home is not interested in small things, well able to inspire others to work with them. The parent of this type are constantly full of ideas of how to develop the child's mind, and therefore life is his children is never boring. Even their one talent associated with the construction of devices.

Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-The receiver must control yourself this: do not start work immediately, based on the facts, taking into account the feelings of others, not to postpone decisions and monitor deadlines.

About four percent of the population belong to the type of Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving. As a rule, they often encounter people of his type, because they have a huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Among them, more men than women.


Summary: sociable, creative, logical, organized.

People of this type of frank and open, speak out frankly and without circumlocution. In others, as a rule, there is no doubt what they meant. This manner of behavior may seem somewhat milder aggressive people, but Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-Critical need to explain without the innuendo surrounding the situation. Organizational skills they have exceptionally high, especially in regard to the use of time and skill to build the work of others so that the costs were minimal. That's why they often become managers. Life for them - a job, and they generously devote their energy, expecting the same from others. If people bring them more than once, they start to listen to them and accept the general opinion.


Summary: discreet, creative, people-oriented, adaptable.

People of this type are generally uncommon, because it is very sensitive and have a strong intuition. Their contribution to the overall work is often very considerable, and they share their extensive knowledge generously and without looking back, both verbally and in writing. Great knowledge, insight and continuous assessment of the possibilities are almost always characterized by this type. In everyday communication, some may find them reserved and unsociable, that is such a man can make a wrong opinion.

The extrovert-intuitive-emotional-perceiving

extrovert-intuitive-emotional-perceiving Summary description: sociable, creative, people-oriented, adaptable.

Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-The receiver is likely to lead a full and varied life, and it is common to several careers in the life of let go. In their work they bring warmth and enthusiasm, and their imaginative, inventive mind draws power nearly everything that attracts them. Others are attracted to them is a joyful and deeply humane attitude that makes this type of personality is very popular.

The introvert-intuitive-emotional-solving

Summary: discreet, creative, people-oriented, organized.

For people with this personality type is characterized by very deep feelings, respect for others, they are always caring and attentive, always have a strong desire to contribute to the improvement of other personnel. Introvert-Intuitive-emotional-solving be decisive in the role of inspiration for the other or others, but many people take advantage of these qualities, not because they are not inclined to open up to other people, with the exception of very good friends you can trust. Surrounding the likely consider them to be people cold, although they are not overwhelmed, and very strong feelings. Many of the deepest and most complex thoughts and emotions are strongly kept inside and never opened in front of others. Understanding people Extrovert-Intuitive types may instinctively feel the presence of a rich inner life and help introverts-intuitive-emotional-solving to reveal the good of those around him.

People have always relied on the introvert-intuitive-emotional-solving, if you want to get the job done on time. Work it performs in a timely manner - such people do not like to finish the project by storm in the last minute. They do not like to break his word and will spend a tremendous effort that this does not happen. Introvert-Intuitive-Emotional-Critical conscientious, tenacious and persistent in their work. At times, the need to complete the work comes into conflict need to think, give free rein to the imagination, to dream.

In some cases, the introvert-intuitive-emotional-Critical exhibit uncanny instinct for what should happen to people, and are usually right. Explain how and why they occur, these misgivings, it is impossible, but many people have this type of higher mental abilities. Mind is introverted-intuitive-emotional-is usually solved by scrolled seething probabilistic features. They are very sensitive to criticism and conflict, and make every effort to avoid them.

Introvert-Intuitive-Emotional-Critical need a job that allows you to express the full measure of the ability to identify the best in others. Teaching or one of these professions related to the care of people, in many cases, the ideal man of this type, and the students know that we always get the support and assistance from a teacher and to fully realize their potential. Introvert-Intuitive-Emotional-Decide for yourself, as a rule, very good students and demonstrate the capacity for academic work. They are also interested in art and music. Ability to understand others strongly attracts them, and they often specialize in psychology and psychiatry. They are also very interested in religion and spirituality, which leads to the choice of working in this field.
Among introverted-intuitive-emotional-solves a lot of writers in this way they can bring to people some of their deeply hidden thoughts and feelings. They may not be able to express their feelings verbally, but in writing showing remarkable expressiveness and power. Naturally, not all introverts, intuitive, emotional, decisive earn a living at it - even though many - but most of the writing for his own pleasure, or for long periods of service, or take on this concern in public life. Other elected for a job in publishing.

People of this type is desirable to control for the following: do not spend too much time on the case, pay attention to the facts and assess the situation from a logical point of view before making a decision to take into account new information.

Only one percent of the population belongs to the type of personality to the introverts, intuitive-emotional-decisive, and among them more women than men. A man of this type do not often meet people like myself, but meets a need, because all the people of this type have distinct interests.

The extrovert-intuitive-emotional-solving

Summary: sociable, creative, people-oriented, organized.

Warm, different people focus on the manner of communication, the ability to put forward the idea to organize the work and makes people like Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-decisive popular group leaders. If they believe in something, it may radiate enthusiasm and a great speech and gentle persuader approach to help others quickly recognize the proposed concept. These people respond to the treatment of other people, and this makes them popular.

These qualities have helped many make a successful career. Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-decisive, as a rule, choose a job that requires personal contact with people. Radio, television and other media are attracted to people of this type, they make excellent salespeople, privnosyaschie personal element in the process of buying and selling. At any level of training they usually enjoy sympathy for both teachers and students. They make good neurologists and psychiatrists. They are attracted to religious and spiritual issues may be active members of groups associated with these areas. Practical, administrative part of any job they consider boring and tedious, and the need for detailed consideration and attention to detail of their demoralizing. For this reason, the people of this type are rarely attracted to an accountant, banker or insurance.

Life-intuitive extroverts-Emotional-Playoffs are always full: they are involved in communicating with many people and are involved in many projects, always pay attention to everyone and everything, and therefore likely to live in a constant hurry. The rush can sometimes be caused by the fact that all projects and all the people they do not have enough time. Everyone is invited to the home of a man of this type, where it will feed and a warm welcome. They did not call the phone fell silent, and accounts for the talk is usually too powerful!

Short sketch of various types of the personality

Then give a brief description of the 16 personality types. Remind ourselves first of all, what character traits we expect from each type. These features are clear enough so that they can be recognized in himself and others. Here is a brief description of each type.

Extroverts more sociable, talk a lot and like to work and communicate with other people.

Introverts more restrained, less talk and need for privacy, at least from time to time.

Touch live in the present, relying on facts and good at practical things, like things to be defined and measured.

Intuitions are more likely to be creative and addressed in the future, prefer to imagine the possibilities and work to improve.

Logic decisions based on logic and dispassionate analysis, the main thing they have - the head, not heart.
Emotional focus more on the people surrounding them, and listen to the needs of man, the main thing they have - the heart and not his head.

Playoffs are organized, work as long as it does not make full.

Perceive a well-adapted, open to change; collect as much information as you can.

As this brief description we can quickly get a general idea about each type of personality. For example, the type of Extrovert-Touch-logician decisive sociable, relies on facts, logical and organized. Type Introvert-Intuitive-Emotional-sense restrained, creative, people-oriented and adaptable. Each type has specific characteristics unique to this type of personality. Learn more with a description not only of your own, but the opposite type of personality, because it will allow you to learn some things that are usually difficult to understand.

In addition, pay attention to what proportion of the population accounts for each type of personality. All-Sensory Extroverts, for example, lives and works with a lot of people who have the same characteristics, while for the introvert-intuitive contact with their peers is less likely that they have sometimes led to feelings of isolation and alienation.

Different people behind a table

behind a table
Extrovert favor (if he accepts, but not decisive, perhaps, with his mouth full) on the cake and everything else, of course, if he was tired and did not go talking about what he is not interested.

Introvert will chew the cake in silence, if it Introvert-Intuitive-logic, or if he came to the feast straight from the stormy meeting. If Introvert-Sensor-Logic came after spending some time alone with yourself, you can talk to, but not necessarily about what he is talking now Extrovert.

Touch notice that the cherry pie, and will enjoy its taste, Extrovert-touch express their opinions out loud, even if it is known to all commonplace. Touch-Crunch may initially eat the cake, leaving the cherry for last, but can eat a pie in the proper order, that is to eat cherries as they become available. The receiver first touch-eat cherries, of course, if he loves them.

Intuitive can not help noticing that it was eating cherry pie, but definitely ask about how the cake is scheduled for tomorrow, and try to guess from the prevailing atmosphere in the company, what they actually chew!

Logics will be thinking of cherry pie. Touch-Logic will probably invent a new recipe for cherry pie and ponder the question, is it possible to use the recipes and other cooking this pie. Intuitive-Logic can think of something totally extraneous, for example, and not whether we have indigestion after eating too much or if he potolsteet after such a feast? If any of the statements extrovert comes (to be heard) to the introvert-intuitive-logic (remember that the introvert-intuitive-Logic-The receiver will be impervious), Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-Crunch may think a little bit and say clearly: "A person does not should be so much fuss and attach importance to what he eats: in life there are more serious things to discuss! "

Emotional well decide for yourself whether he liked the cake or not, so that it will be either happy or start to worry about all those present in the belief that everyone feels the same. If someone is openly express feelings, contrary to the feelings of emotional, he is very upset. Emotional-decisive try to determine what makes the current disharmony in the group, and get rid of it. Extrovert, emotional, decisive, perhaps, ask the waitress if we could replace with something tart. Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive will go so far as to say, dissatisfied: "Some people like cake, and someone cherries." And offer to change the one on the other (cherry cake) regardless of what he himself likes to disgruntled received desired and satisfied, and the table would have reigned in the world.

Deciding wants to demonstrate normal and acceptable way of absorption of cherry pie.

The receiver will enjoy cake and gather all the crumbs!


By now you've probably already begun to guess what the picture is your personality type. Now we proceed to the consideration of 16 different personality types, which are formed on the basis of these preferences.

Results. The short characteristic of personal types

We are familiar with some of the characteristics of his personality and the personalities of others and learned that:

Extrovert and Introvert tell us about approaches to the world: they are directed outward or inward.

Intuitive touch and tell us about the nature of perception of the world. Perception - is our way of functioning.

Logic and Emotional tell us about how we approach to the assessment of the perceived world.

Decisive and Perceiving tell us to what method of operation, we are more susceptible: to judge or perceive. This is our approach to the world.

When we know what we are more likely, we know what our style. If one of us, for example, more extrovert than

Introvert, more touch than intuitive, more logical than emotional, and more decisive than receiving, then it is a type of Extrovert-Touch-logical, decisive.

If he is introvert-intuitive-emotional-sense, then its corresponding type.

How do these traits manifest themselves in practice, illustrated in the story of Beryl Shedd about the relationship of different people at the table.
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