Temperament realizing your own personality type, we begin to notice the different character traits in people who surround us. We can, for example, to understand what a friend of more extrovert than an introvert, perhaps, we note also that he, perhaps, decisive, and not receptive, but not necessarily be able to determine all its tendencies. Defining the personality type of a person very easily be mistaken as to the nature of the relationship between individuals is influenced by many factors. In fact, the behavior of different types of people, we'll see later.

Having begun the study of typology, many of you will undoubtedly think that 16 types - this is too much for your memory. Fortunately, now there is a way to find a shorter route to understanding the 16 personality types.

This method was developed by an American professor David Kirsi, who was engaged in research on the typology for many years. He tells us that in addition to determining the preferences of our personality type, for each of us is characterized by a certain universal standard of behavior. He called his temperament.

Once you learn the essence of the four temperaments - his own and three others - will be much easier to understand the 16 types. Because each temperament corresponds to the four types, you will see that in a group of your temperament, there are three other types. You may be a useful knowledge - especially when you think of the less common type - there are many other people who share your thoughts, attitudes and behavior. This knowledge can serve as a basis for living and working together.

Next, we consider how to determine the temperament, show major differences and reasoning behind the four temperaments.

16 types of personality

Having carefully considered the considered types of personality, you can fairly accurately estimate what type of person belongs, and close enough to reality and to predict its own behavior. You begin to realize the most positive aspects of each type, which helps to understand what qualities are the best in you and in the surrounding people. Knowing what type of personality do you think will help you to edit its efforts to develop the best qualities inherent in you.

Now, when we begin to understand something about 16 types, we extend the familiarity with the way our behavior is associated with our temperament.


Introvert-Sensor-Emotional-Perceiving Summary: cautious, meticulous, focused on people adjusting.

People of this type are often misunderstood, because they are quiet, gentle and modest, rarely speaks to the pressure. They are observant, to notice the details in any given moment, but can not say out loud that notice. They live in a moment, and when they enjoy the affair at some point, they are difficult to get to the next case. Others may think that the people of this type there is no certainty in life, but in fact they are very well aware of himself and the world around.

Natural in the treatment of children and animals, they are very fond of nature and the earth. Their motto - "Live and let live", and they rarely try to change other people, believing that people and nature must live in harmony. Their ability to feel part of nature can become the basis of desire to work outdoors, possibly with the animals, the foundation work or hobbies rural environment.

People of this type are often artistically gifted people may in dance, painting or music. That way, instead of through a conversation, they express themselves in front of other people. Long hours of rehearsal or exercise does not tire them as exercises are the "action" as opposed to case preparation and planning. If these exercises are held freely and spontaneously, the level of their energy is much greater than the energy of those who forces himself to work.

Sophisticated and always open to cooperation, it is extremely kind and empathic people of this type are susceptible to the acute needs of others and happy in assisting. Sometimes they are so passionate about this little things that they forget about the future. At work, they respond to the demands of the moment, but at home taking care of guests, carefully watching their mood. They are very attentive to others, always understand their needs and treated lovingly prepared dishes. Their children are surrounded by a practical concern, and the parent of this type are always aware of what the baby needs.

They need to work in the service of people, but not so interested in matters that can make them the center of public attention. Much of the work that people do this type can be hidden from others, go unnoticed and unappreciated. Men of this type are often told that they were not pushy. Caring for people and social work may be exactly what they need, as well as the realization of artistic inclinations, or working outdoors. They can successfully contend in the religious arena, or in practical work, which will provide a daily variety.

They may fall behind in school, and some of them, without being of interest in academic subjects, not receiving further education. Their talents in the school may go unnoticed and undervalued, and later the people who studied with them, can be affected by their achievements.

People of this type may need to control is as follows: do not spend too much time on the case, assess the situation from a logical point of view, do not lose sight of the future possibilities, not to postpone the decision and to remember the date.

The work, which selects the Introvert-Sensor-emotional-sense, and his interests will not allow him too often, meet people of the same type. In total there are about six percent of the population, and women more than men.


Summary: gregarious, meticulous, focused on people adjusting.

People of this type tend to be popular, people are happy in their company. Friendly with everyone, even complete strangers, they are talkative and can convince anyone. And at home, at work, they always have multiple projects simultaneously, and they are easy to switch from one to another.

Theory and analysis are attracted little as they prefer to be in the thick of things at the center of active operations, and not think about them. They can carry a few practical things at once, as have the talent to switch its attention from one task to another as needed.


Brief description: cautious, meticulous, logical, and adaptable.

People of this type are usually reticent, because according to prefer it, but it is well oriented to the practical realities of the world. They are observant, notice the small details - a very important quality in the business world. When there are opportunities, they immediately noticed them and generally know at what point to enter the case and take action - they rarely are wasting their energy on activities that are not necessary. As people of this type are rarely talking or just gossip surrounding normally do not realize how insightful and knowledgeable Introvert-Sensor-Logic-Perceiving.


Extrovert-Touch-Logic-Perceiving Summary: gregarious, meticulous, logical, and adaptable.

People tend to notice the people of this type, because they are always at the center of any meeting; they usually have in stock an unusual story. They know how to tell the dramatic and interesting stories from their own and others' lives and try to make his life full of adventure and diversity. Domesticity and routine of everyday life quickly bored of this type of man, and he is likely to find a way to get away from it. For men it is easier, because they have the ability to create change through work and travel through that love. Extrovert-Sensing-Logic-sense need to be active.


Brief description: cautious, meticulous, focused on people, organized.

Quiet, serious, diligent, hard working - so you can describe the nature of introverts-Touch-Emotional-solving. People of this type is rarely the case head, and associates are rarely the true value of their work, usually just because they can not imagine what contribution to the common cause was made by them. These people often help others, staying in the background, and rarely flaunt for all to see.

They may work for many years in the same organization, calmly and patiently doing business that many other types of people seemed to be boring. They love that their work had some bearing on them to serve the people. If they are engaged in accounting, banking or insurance business, they are happy to come into contact with people. Women are attracted to this type of nurses, teachers, secretaries, receptionists, waitresses and administrative work in medicine. They carry out their work with attention, care and accuracy.

They do not need fame and notoriety, but the contribution of this type of person should be recognized and adequately evaluated. They do not seek leadership, does not seek to rebuild the world, and if forced to command, you do not feel very good because these people is difficult given the role of boss. This can happen if such a person will improve the service. Being perfectly satisfied with a subordinate role, they can not cope with the role of the manager, because the people of this type could hardly give orders. People may be confused, they expect different behavior from the leader.

Introvert child-Touch-Emotional-Crunch was a serious and obedient, we can say a model! As a parent, he adheres to tradition and teaches his children the practical affairs of life, and rules. People can quickly understand that they are completely dependent on him, or take it for granted, assigning work, from which the others refused. They tend to take on a greater burden than they can draw, always feeling that the performance of the work - it is their duty. Often the super efforts of a man just do not notice.

It is doubtful whether they can expect anything dramatic, attracting worldwide attention. Their lives tend to flow easily. Since this type of person restrained, he does not shout about what does and may be too trusting. Qualities such as resourcefulness, sparkling wit and ability to adapt quickly, they are not inherent, they are showing the people of the opposite type of Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving. Partner-Sensory Introvert, Emotional, devoted and decisive dependent, but not exciting. Most likely he will not be able to offer an instant way to get out of this situation. If such a person will fall unpredictable and fickle partner, he will be happy for a couple of practical, firm foundation of life. When the children leave home, unemployed woman of this type may feel lost, because all she has devoted herself caring for her husband and children.

As the importance of this work is reduced after the withdrawal of children from their homes, she begins to dominate a sense of futility. With the collapse of marriage and men and women are experiencing this type of loss of a partner is very acute, and misery compounded by the loss of the role of husband or wife.

They can convert a lot of small works in a short time, if they had not been interrupted or distracted, they are good with their time.

People of this type it is desirable to control yourself this: do not spend too much time on the case, to evaluate future opportunities, look at the situation from the standpoint of logic, taking into account the new information before making a decision.

This type includes about 6 percent of the population, and introvert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive chance to meet a person of his type, and type of Extrovert-Touch-Emotional-Crunch is large enough. Women of this type are more women than men.


Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-Crunch Summary: gregarious, meticulous, focused on people's organized.

People like Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive warm, sociable, worldly and well-organized, they usually entail others. They have an innate ability to communicate with others in a special manner. People feel that they are not indifferent to this type of person, whatever it may be manifested: whether it takes them a coat at the entrance to the house, preparing a delicious meal, asks whether that life is like, or delves into the everyday problems. Women are satisfied with their role as mistress of the house, often try to extend it, trying to keep the family home and potoraplivaya home after absences for the weekend. Men tend to be caring parents.


Brief description: cautious, meticulous, logical, organized.

People such as touch, Introvert-Logic-often decisive in such professional fields as banking, insurance, law and accounting. These jobs require a person to work independently, handle-based logic with a detailed, painstaking study of a routine and stick to the order. Introvert-Sensing-Critical Logic, is dominated in many units of the Armed Forces and fit well into an orderly regulated life. They are also the backbone of many traditional institutions, quietly doing their job, always mindful of duty and perform it. They make good superintendents. Others may not recognize or do not appreciate what they do, because the people of this type it may seem rustic and tedious. Introvert-Sensing-Logic-Critical happy to spend hours on the little things, which people have another type does not have the patience. Conscientious and meticulous, they are concentrated and carefully check and recheck facts. Most of these people spend their lives just for doing this, especially in cases when they feel responsible for their work. Look the person in charge - one of the main priorities for them.

A man of this type of living in a state of inner concentration and is usually busy pondering the steps necessary to accomplish the task. If he believes he is right, then nothing will distract his department, which he does. When introverts Touch-logic-solving forced to speak, they do so with difficulty, forcing himself to speak. Around such people sometimes seem inaccessible, since they are usually uncommunicative. But usually people quickly begin to realize that the people of this type is very reliable and it can rely on. For information about the world they are usually derived from newspapers that are read from first to last column, as well as through television and radio.
Introverts at public events, Sensory Logic, Critical-life of the party did not happen, it is more characteristic of the opposite type Ideas, entertainment, prospects for a special role in their lives do not play. But if you ask a person about the details associated with his work or hobby, it will give a lot of the true facts from ancient times to the present day. Some other types of people may not see the need for the gathering of facts about diverse things, apparently unrelated, but Introvert-Sensing-Critical Logic-hoarding facts upon hearing or reading about them, they remember them.

Such people usually work on a regular schedule. Routine is an important part of their lives.

Free time they can spend in traditional clubs or groups that range from Girl Scouts to the club of "Rotary" or the Bureau of the Soviets for the citizens, church communities, clubs in the protection of public interests and sports clubs. Esoteric groups are unlikely to be interested.

Women of this type are usually satisfied with the traditional role of wife and mother, but may feel lost and worthless in middle age, when children leave home. These women are less likely to come out into the world to "leave their mark." If they work, it is usually with a sense of guilt for having neglected the responsibility for maintaining the home. All the people of this type - always a stable family, where you can rely on.

People such as touch, Introvert-Logic-Crunch should monitor themselves in this: not to delay the case for a long time, to assess future possibilities, take into account the feelings of others, before deciding to take into account new information.

No less than six percent of the population are of this type, and because they tend to group themselves with like-minded, do not feel isolated. Men of this type more than women.


Summary: gregarious, meticulous, logical, organized.

Extrovert-Sensing-Logic-Critical - the people of the earth, standing firmly on his feet and very practical. They are always aware of what is happening in the world around them, partly because they are usually located in the heart of what is happening. They are direct and candid, and people always know their position, the service they expect that others will work safely and productively. In humans, this type of high standards, and they expect the same from others.

Extrovert-Sensing-Critical Logic, is considered useful only to those ideas and theories, which, in their opinion, are feasible in practice. If a person feels that as a result of a sentence can get a useful end product, it will support him, otherwise he rejects the idea as impracticable.

Sociable nature extroverts-Touch-logic-solving usually means that they are usually "in the know", thanks to the interest to the business and local news, as well as through conversations. People think well of their information as they can immediately report the mass related to the subject matter of the facts. Because of this, they stand out from the crowd, making the message smoothly, without hesitation, and with skill.

Extrovert-Sensing-Critical Logic, people usually meticulous and determined, and an inherent desire to bring the case to the end, usually leads to success in many business areas. They work well in business and finance, often make a lot of money and invest wisely. As a manager of such a person is likely to make a career and take a high position, because it can do a great job in the allotted time for her and can arrange the same work of subordinates, as a good and pretty tough administrator. The organizers are outstanding and
always reliable, people know that with them will be brought to an end.

Life for the people of this type - a relatively clear and simple thing, they are simple and straightforward. Esoteric doctrines and concepts of the theory of making them feel at ease and wonder, people of other types, more complex and idealistic, can be considered extroverts-Touch-logic-solving a little obtuse. Feelings of people are in their second terms compared with the work, regardless of what happens at home or at work. The committees that person is likely to take the chair - others will agree that he is the leader of the group. Irresponsible people for a long time with a person of this type will not work because he did not have the patience to mess with them.

House Extraverts-Touch-Logic-Critical serve as sociable and stable partner and parent. All other family members know what to expect from him. They love to the house was always the order and everything is organized, and everyone in the house were the same as he did. In the area where he lives, usually takes part in local initiatives, and has always played an active role in them.

Extrovert-Touch-Logic-Crunch should monitor the following: take the time to start a business, analyze what opportunities may arise in the future, taking into account the feelings of the people to pay attention to new information before making a decision.

People like Extrovert-Touch-Logic-Crunch is about 14 percent of the population. They meet a lot of people like her - partly so that they feel in the material world at home.
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