Logic and emotional on the job

At work, logic and emotional often resent each other during the execution of small everyday matters. For the logic of the smaller concerns in the office - just a small turnover, but emotsionala they represent an opportunity to show kindness to people with emotional love when people are in response to equal consideration and kindness, expressed sometimes just a smile or at the most simple words of gratitude. Therein lies the difference between logic and emotional: the logic interact with people impersonally, and emotional first seen in each person, and only then the employee. Logic wonder why the emotional need to smile all the time at work, and emotional coldness and insensitivity is not clear logicians.

Logic could work much better with the emotional, if paid attention to how the problems associated with the work affect people, not just a business, if spared no efforts and try to solve problems so as not to offend people. Logic can often unintentionally offend people at work. They are difficult to express their emotions, and if they learned how to do it in a calm manner, it could be around to see what they feel.
Emotional might work better with logic, if the workers did not take instructions as a personal insult. Emotional a lot of things translate into a plan of personal relationships, and sometimes even feel a sense of responsibility in situations that did not concern them. If they have the opportunity to be heard, even if it is connected with an expression of discontent, it discharges the air, and everyone becomes easier to reveal themselves.

Differences between logic and emotional generally agree with each other easier and simpler than the differences between different types of personalities, as the logic sees the value in terms of emotsionala, and for obvious emotsionala legitimacy in terms of logic. When both of them express what they feel it is easier to arrive at a decision that takes into account the approach of each.

Не только эмоциональным людям, но и логикам порой требуется психологическая поддержка. Но лучше всего, как говорится, помочь себе самому. Стать сильной личностью помогут тренинги в Харькове даже если Вы не такой как все. Скажу больше, тем более, если не такой, Вы сможете творчески подойти к собственному развитию, что даст Вам хороший толчок к духовному, физическому и эмоциональному самосовершенствованию.


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