Logics and emotsional and interests of the firm

The company producing the paper all the current information is provided by the computer department. One Thursday evening, the main computer has crashed, leaving the entire staff without the information that was needed for production management. Department staff worked through Friday, and finally eliminated the problem. Complete the work should have two analysts who wanted to do two full days - weekends - that by Monday he was ready. Nicholas (logic), Head of Computer Department, notified the Roman (emotsionala), Director in charge of organizing work.

"We found the problem and offered to Eugene and Anna to work overtime to Monday to resume normal operation. - Nicholas reported. - This means that they will be working all weekend, but the work is worth it".

"The good news, - said Roman, - though, it seems, to Eugene and Anna weekend will be not so fun. Of course, we will pay for this work on a double fare."
"Of course not, why, - said Mykola - the contract specifies that they must, if necessary, to go to work on weekends".

"I know, - said Roman - but it will be a big job, and I think they deserve a double payment. In addition, they must give off Monday, as well as the need to order a good dinner for them at work. Such a break allow them to work better then ".

"Nonsense, - Nicholas exploded - it's all part of their contract, signed in hiring, and on Monday I am going to see them at work as usual".

Nicholas, pointing out that the work on the weekends stipulated in the contract, expressed his point of view of logic. It is concerned first and foremost the interests of the company and not a situation in which turned out to Eugene and Anna.

The novel serves as emotsional when in the first place puts the interests of Eugene and Anna. He thinks that they need to eat and relax in the process. In addition, he remembers that Monday morning, they are likely to be tired and deserved time off before starting a new work week.

Taking into account the need and the other, and another point of view. Neither Nicholas nor the novel probably will not change their approach to solving the problem. If they knew about their preferences and emotsionala logic, you could take them into account, producing an acceptable solution.

Найдя компромисс, Николай и Роман, могли бы быстрее восстановить работу по производству бумаги. Дело это полезное и ёмкое. Ведь одних только видов бумаги не счесть. Как пишет http://rugraph.com, к примеру, для такого творческого процесса, как рисование, необходимо 6 видов бумаг. Но сегодня многие художники перебрались в компьютер, предпочитая обычному рисованию компьютерную графику. Но это уже другая история.


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