Logics and emotsional argue about redundancy

A small company was forced to close one of their workshops, which meant the need to reduce staff. Two managers of Human Resources met to discuss the terms of firing thirty employees. Typically, Oleg and Peter did not discuss operational issues, as mandated by various sections, but today they have met to develop specific actions for the reduction of staff. Oleg on the personality type of logics, and Peter - emotsional.

"We have to do only one thing - said Oleg, - to organize a meeting for all the 30 laid off immediately and without beating about the bush and just tell them. At the same meeting, we will notify them of the conditions of reduction. Do you agree with me?" Peter hesitated - he was also an introvert in addition to being emotional - but such a decision he clearly did not like. "Oleg, suddenly dumped it on each at the general meeting seems pretty cruel. For most of this news is like a bomb, suddenly fell on the house. You can imagine those who have a family as they go home after the meeting, what to say to the families?" - "Peter, I know it's hard. Many years ago I myself was hit by cuts. When this happened to me, I had no choice but to endure, to pull myself together and find a new place. I can not do anything for these people , we are instructed to remove them and immediately return to normal operations in the company."

The first impulse of Oleg - quick to unpleasant procedure, so that he could continue the work in a company that gives him the best. Peter's first thought - about people who will be hit. Peter continued: "I think we need to talk to each separately, to present them to the news as gently as possible, to ask if we can do something to help people find new jobs. We must prepare for each positive response and send to other companies offer with information about good employees. Many of them have worked with us for many years and deserve to have the company take care of them. " - "No time for that. Peter, - said Oleg - you want us to spend days working for the people who will never again work for a company? If we deal with that, the company will be damaged. Who will carry with you our direct duties?"

The dispute continued. It became obvious that the two managers have fundamentally different ideas about how to organize a downsizing. In the end, Oleg suggested a compromise: he would continue the ongoing work with the staff, and Peter will take the full process of downsizing. With this decision, Oleg will feel that he is still working for the company, and Peter will be able to use their understanding of people get the time to give personal attention to everyone who got laid off. Thus, each of which implements the logic of their own preferences and emotsionala.



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