Logic and emotional

If the work we take into account the views of both logic and emotion, our business and the solutions become more balanced. Logic has the advantage that they can assess the situation from the eyes. Their thinking is associated with the analysis and logical inferences. Accordingly, they make good critics, who see the errors and inconsistencies. Often, they may pose to other materials in a clear and understandable form. This is a very important qualities that contribute to career development, assessment and successful conduct of affairs in many types of businesses.
But it still has strengths and emotional personality type. Emotional people are gifted with the art of communicating with people, ability to understand others, and are usually very good people in those areas where you want to communicate. For these very important people's feelings and relationships between them, they usually help maintain a good atmosphere at work, and create harmonious relationships among staff. Logics will present a better idea or write a report, but emotsional able to get people to agree with this idea, or report that was presented on paper logician. They have the talent, so tell people about something that they see it in a favorable light.

Logic at work tend to be rigid and impartial: they internally feel that working for your company. Emotional typically softer and prone to subjective attitude: they feel that they work on people in the company and together with them. At times, due to this difference in approach may have a conflict.


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