Interaction of sensory and intuitive to work

The problem of promotion disturbs many of us. Career development is often associated with sensory preferences and intuitive. As we move up the career ladder in nature and degree of responsibility vary. The work, which was mostly used to work for a man like the touch, could work for the type of personality intuitive. Many simply can not grasp why they are having difficulty after they have raised on the job. Parking at work, everyone should look forward, to imagine the nature of the work may be in the future.
Sensory people can work with intuitively better, if you are ready to listen to their ideas and to check whether they are feasible. Often it is the sensory embody ideas into action. But the sensor can be selected in blinkers details and facts, and to work effectively it may be necessary to understand how they relate to the business "in general." Help to touch and try to look into the future.

Intuitive it will be easier to work with the touch when they are ready to reconcile with his ideas and schemes, because it can touch to tell them what is the practical value of an idea. Intuitively should pay special attention to specific details of this, because they completely forget about them, carried away by the flight of thought into the future. Intuitively should be developed in their own sense of time, usually they are not up to scratch, as they often are not present in the moment.



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