Touch and intuitive director

Sensory and intuitive to interpret the text and can read documents in different ways. Here's an example.

Two directors of construction company, a touch, another intuit received a status report on the dining room for staff with a proposal to express its opinion on the material at a meeting held at the end of the day.
Touch fished from a report by two specific points related to security issues and the organization of the staff canteen. He drew the meeting's attention to the need for further rigorous security checks stove and the importance of instruction for the staff dining room, which should be posted in a conspicuous place. While he talked about it, intuit impatiently waiting for him to give the word. Speaking, he said that the report "generally" seemed to him good, but companies need to develop better ways to use their own employees. One of his suggestions was that the dining room that visitors must take himself for a meal, rather than using the workers as dining room waiters. In the case of such an organization the company can reduce the staff canteen staff and get a considerable savings.

Director of the touch screen, reading the report, first drew attention to the practical aspects that led to the question about the specific actions to improve the health and safety of staff canteen. Director, intuit, which was also the intuitive logic and, therefore, disapproved of irrational organization of staff, did not pay attention to when reading the practical details, and saw the total picture of the situation and appreciated the fact that you can do in terms of improving the organization of labor . We see that touch on the details of the report focused in particular on the practical details, and intuit took the report as a whole, and it is on paper as a whole, based his proposal on the improvement work. None of them did not pay much attention to what other seemed so important. Companies need suggestions of both the director, but these proposals are radically different from each other. Hardly any of them would be thought of as suggestions that made the other.

In this case, we clearly see the value that the company has directors and the type of sensor, and the type of intuitive, unless, of course, they both recognize the contribution that makes a colleague. Report the result was thoroughly investigated, and both were able to use their talents for the benefit of the company, which employs.


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