Margarita and Lara

Each year, one of the city council takes over responsibility for the summer exhibition. In preparation for it takes about two months, and responsibility for its conduct generally confer on the two high-ranking officials. In that year, one of them was on maternity leave, so she was chosen replacement.

Margarita which was engaged in trade shows, all three previous years, worked fine on their training with Mary, who is now gone on holiday. And Margaret and Mary are the type of touch, in fact, they were both introverted, sensory-emotional-critical. They are always happy to do this job.
When Margaret found out that now have to work with Lara, we wondered how they both work together. She knew that Lara is always trying to change the situation, rarely satisfied with this situation. Lara was intuitive. When they got to work, Margaret has spent the whole morning, telling how it was organized last year. Then she told Lara that, in her opinion, this year should be to organize an exhibition in the same style as in the past, and a program of activities to make the existing model.

Lara - as expected - was horrified. Reading the program last year, it continuously in his mind making changes. "Let's make this year a little different program - she said. - We can change the order of some events. And, perhaps, would be better if we will arrange an exhibition in another part of town. For it is a great place for the new arcade." - "But why? - Said Margarita. - If something good happened, it would be better in this form and save it. Why for no good reason to change anything?" - "The reason is, - said Lara. - If we can organize an exhibition at the new place, people will notice it, if we change the order of events, put some variety in the presentation. Nobody wants to look at exactly the same thing that happened in the Last year ".

But Margaret thought differently. The exhibition enjoyed great success all the past three years. How to touch, and with a touch-solving temperament, she firmly believed that if everyone liked the show, it is best to hold it again in the same form. It was also against the transfer of the exhibition to another part of town, Margaret felt: after three shows, people expect that it will be the same place as always, understood: the site will change unnecessary confusion.

Lara, formerly engaged in the preparation of exhibitions is not, I saw an opportunity to create something new for the city. She went over in my mind all the holidays, which were organized in the city for several years, and she wanted to please the city with something new. Intuitive people tend to look for new ways of doing things.

Margarita and Lara had a lot of time arguing about how best to organize the exhibition. None of them did not understand the arguments on the other. If they knew about the preferences peculiar to each type of personality, you were able to understand the thinking of each other. In the end, they agreed to stay on a compromise solution. The venue they will leave the same as before; Margarita will take over responsibility for all organizational matters, Lara will change in the activities that take place during the exhibition, which will enable it to realize its preferences intuitively.

Margarita and Lara just came to this compromise, if they knew the characteristics of individual types of sensory and intuitive, they would not have had such a long time to argue, they understand how important their own reasons for each of them.


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