Temperament The touch-sense

Temperament Perceiving Touch (Extrovert-Touch-Logic -sense, touch, Introvert-Perceiving logician, Extrovert, Sensor-emotional-sense, touch, Introvert-emotional-sense)

A man of this temperament are unlikely to read! Touch-sense - they are people-oriented action, which appreciated their freedom, and they do not have time for all sorts of theories. They love to do something rather than talk about what to do or make.

Although in our society, many people with this temperament, the groups formed within the community, in contrast to their Touch-solving is not enough. Work or leisure activities on a strict routine routine does not involve sensory-perceptive, and they rarely linger long in a strictly organized structures. If there is any possibility, they immediately take advantage of it, they love the variety and some excitement. Without both, they are bored.
Among people of all temperaments-Touch is perceived more other live for the moment, acutely aware of the instantaneous changes in the environment. Where others have a hard time adapting to these changes, they adapt easily and quickly. Friends of these people believe their light-hearted, light-hearted, funny, charming and witty. Deep reasoning and intimate conversations they tend not to because they afraid of other people's feelings and emotions.

In their view, life must be complete and bring joy, and they are trying not to see or accept failure or misfortune. A man of temperament can be crushed by a disaster, but the sensory-perceptive attempt to get over it, always believing that luck will turn to face them and in front of them waiting for good days. Optimistic Touch-sense may not share their partners, especially those who belong to the type of decisive. Impulsive nature - that is what governs the actions of the sensory-perceptive, it can also sometimes lead them to trouble, both at home and at work.

Touch-Critical predisposed to conservative and prefer to save money, and sensory-perceptive of their well-spent, are often very generous towards others. They can share benefits with others, but if things turn out badly, sinking along with them will not. They have a well developed five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision, and they are confident when it comes to practical issues of life.

In contrast to the Touch-Playoffs, who feel at home at school, Touch-sense are often unhappy in it, since the school requires them to learn discipline and makes the theory. As soon as they leave elementary school, practical training completed, which is a pity, because the people of this temperament are trained in the action. Intuitive learning, listening and trying to understand the theory, and for touch-sense need to act and see for themselves in action, how the product works.

They possess excellent all tools that are used at home or in the garden, for all practical purposes, or for art, or in construction. Machines, they are not afraid and are willing to manage them confidently and effectively. As soon as they smell, taste, as soon as they see or hear how something works, they will remember with pleasure and put into practice. People with this temperament, perhaps not the most punctual, and if they turn up something better, they can pretend to have forgotten about the previous agreement. Of course, this can not annoy the people of another, more organized warehouse, in particular those who have a strong preference is decisive. Touch-sense can easily jump from project to project, often tiring.

If the project really interests them, they can fairly accurately observe the schedule of works. The exact hours and minutes are not important to them, for them the main thing - to do what life offers at any given moment.

They can act for the benefit of their own and others. They can manage both things and people and able to entertain others. Accordingly, their work should be varied and active. Among the people of this temperament often entrepreneurs, arbitrators, surgeons, pilots, musicians, artists of all possible majors.

In Touch-sense duty does not impose as severe limitations as to the people of other temperaments because they can easily relate to everything around him. They love the laughter, the excitement of emotion, but a crisis for them can be a very powerful incentive to action. In fact it was during the crisis, they can show their best qualities to work for a long time and endure severe physical deprivation. In times of failure, they adapt to the situation, can take advantage of what was at hand, and be so happy, living very frugally. At these moments, they can mobilize their entrepreneurial skills, but as soon as the crisis passes, they lose interest. Many people have this type of unfolded serious business from scratch, but then the business hirel lack of attention to the daily conduct of business. Like the Touch, Decisive, they do not like all the abstract, it must be concrete and real, the events must occur in reality, why they occur, have no interest.

As family members, Touch-sense can easily adapt to others and consider all equal. As the parents of these people are unpredictable, but easy-to-life communication, and they would prefer not to nest for the family, and give all the freedom and independence, allowing each family member to act according to their own interests. Family rituals and traditions, they make a carefree holidays and frivolous amusements. No one else is not peculiar temperament so fully given to the celebration, as the touch-sense, and they have enormous potential enjoying the pleasures that bring the five senses. Any excuse for a holiday welcome people with this temperament.

Personality traits and intuitive Crucial least likely in the sensory-perceptive, intuitive usually brings ideas - often abstract and decisive transforms them into life. Touch-sense predisposed primarily to the use of things that already exist, and not to dream about the possibilities that can be implemented tomorrow. People of this store are more likely to have fun with many things around them, rather than devote their time to one of them. However, sometimes it is useful to heed the advice of people like Intuitive and decisive.

In the general population Touch-sense account for 35 percent of men and women in approximately equal proportions. Because extroverts more than introverts, we may assume that extroverts-Touch-sense logic and extroverts-Touch-Emotional-sense will be greater, as introverts-Touch-sense logic and introverts-Touch-Emotional-sense - less. In the past, women with sensory-perceptive temperament were difficult times in our society, they had little opportunity to develop their natural talents, but the attitude of society is changing, finally came the opportunity to realize themselves and for these women.


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