Summary: gregarious, meticulous, focused on people adjusting.

People of this type tend to be popular, people are happy in their company. Friendly with everyone, even complete strangers, they are talkative and can convince anyone. And at home, at work, they always have multiple projects simultaneously, and they are easy to switch from one to another.

Theory and analysis are attracted little as they prefer to be in the thick of things at the center of active operations, and not think about them. They can carry a few practical things at once, as have the talent to switch its attention from one task to another as needed.
At home they may start a few things at once, but did not finish either one. Working with a set of "DIY" interested in them, but they can throw it in the middle, if you draw attention to something else. Unfinished business, as a rule, do not care about them because they are satisfied with the process itself, but this approach may be concerned about a partner is decisive type, who believes that it must necessarily be brought to an end. They are always welcoming, even though the house can reign a complete mess, they always create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, good food and treating entertaining an interesting conversation. They are often dressed in bright and ultra-modern fashion, and can safely talk about style, about which elements are combined with each outfit. They do not like to lose something in mind and try to cover a lot of things right in a short period of time. Because they adapt well and thrive in many activities, constantly switching from one case to another, their partners and children may want to live in the house would be a little calmer.

People of this type can love multiple sports, they make good coaches, because they are very sensitive to rapidly changing desires of their wards. Teaching physical education in schools is also very good at this type of people, they usually try to diversify the activities from lesson to lesson, so students enjoy visiting the group sessions, which they lead.

Extroverts by nature, sensory-emotional-sense - good people. Some of them may be natural-born comedians, and use this talent in his profession. If the work requires constant travel, they are happy to travel and talk with people who never see each other again. Usually smiling and laughing people of this type can raise the spirits of others. This is very useful for those activities that are associated with caring for children and people. Although such a person could hardly makes direct contact with the grief and sorrow, he will do everything it can, everything in his power at the time of crisis.

A routine schedule and rules oppress them as much as they want them to react in the moment of its activities. They love to do something without thinking about what they do. They like to work in the departments of public relations, they make excellent traders, especially in cases when they sell something practical, facilities or provide services. In business, people and commerce of this kind flourish, knowing exactly what to say at any given moment. Whether they like the theater because they are attracted to exciting passion and drama.

People of this type it is desirable to monitor the following: Do not start a business without thinking, do not lose sight of the future possibilities, and look at the situation from a logical point of view, not to postpone the decision and to remember the date.
Extroverts-Touch-Emotional-sense can be found in different occupations, there are about twelve percent of the population, and they meet with people, like myself, quite often. Women of this type are more women than men.


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