Brief description: cautious, meticulous, focused on people, organized.

Quiet, serious, diligent, hard working - so you can describe the nature of introverts-Touch-Emotional-solving. People of this type is rarely the case head, and associates are rarely the true value of their work, usually just because they can not imagine what contribution to the common cause was made by them. These people often help others, staying in the background, and rarely flaunt for all to see.

They may work for many years in the same organization, calmly and patiently doing business that many other types of people seemed to be boring. They love that their work had some bearing on them to serve the people. If they are engaged in accounting, banking or insurance business, they are happy to come into contact with people. Women are attracted to this type of nurses, teachers, secretaries, receptionists, waitresses and administrative work in medicine. They carry out their work with attention, care and accuracy.

They do not need fame and notoriety, but the contribution of this type of person should be recognized and adequately evaluated. They do not seek leadership, does not seek to rebuild the world, and if forced to command, you do not feel very good because these people is difficult given the role of boss. This can happen if such a person will improve the service. Being perfectly satisfied with a subordinate role, they can not cope with the role of the manager, because the people of this type could hardly give orders. People may be confused, they expect different behavior from the leader.

Introvert child-Touch-Emotional-Crunch was a serious and obedient, we can say a model! As a parent, he adheres to tradition and teaches his children the practical affairs of life, and rules. People can quickly understand that they are completely dependent on him, or take it for granted, assigning work, from which the others refused. They tend to take on a greater burden than they can draw, always feeling that the performance of the work - it is their duty. Often the super efforts of a man just do not notice.

It is doubtful whether they can expect anything dramatic, attracting worldwide attention. Their lives tend to flow easily. Since this type of person restrained, he does not shout about what does and may be too trusting. Qualities such as resourcefulness, sparkling wit and ability to adapt quickly, they are not inherent, they are showing the people of the opposite type of Extrovert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving. Partner-Sensory Introvert, Emotional, devoted and decisive dependent, but not exciting. Most likely he will not be able to offer an instant way to get out of this situation. If such a person will fall unpredictable and fickle partner, he will be happy for a couple of practical, firm foundation of life. When the children leave home, unemployed woman of this type may feel lost, because all she has devoted herself caring for her husband and children.

As the importance of this work is reduced after the withdrawal of children from their homes, she begins to dominate a sense of futility. With the collapse of marriage and men and women are experiencing this type of loss of a partner is very acute, and misery compounded by the loss of the role of husband or wife.

They can convert a lot of small works in a short time, if they had not been interrupted or distracted, they are good with their time.

People of this type it is desirable to control yourself this: do not spend too much time on the case, to evaluate future opportunities, look at the situation from the standpoint of logic, taking into account the new information before making a decision.

This type includes about 6 percent of the population, and introvert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive chance to meet a person of his type, and type of Extrovert-Touch-Emotional-Crunch is large enough. Women of this type are more women than men.



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