Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-Crunch Summary: gregarious, meticulous, focused on people's organized.

People like Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive warm, sociable, worldly and well-organized, they usually entail others. They have an innate ability to communicate with others in a special manner. People feel that they are not indifferent to this type of person, whatever it may be manifested: whether it takes them a coat at the entrance to the house, preparing a delicious meal, asks whether that life is like, or delves into the everyday problems. Women are satisfied with their role as mistress of the house, often try to extend it, trying to keep the family home and potoraplivaya home after absences for the weekend. Men tend to be caring parents.
They are very sociable and talkative, they have something to tell you about the small details of family life or in the office gossip. If a woman of this type can not have children, it is going through very deep.

Most people love them and heat them to respond. They can continue their education, but a true calling them - practically serve the people. They tend to choose a case that where there is such a component. Usually they choose a career related to caring for people, teaching, or as a porter - anything connected with the practical means of man. Vendors of these make excellent, because they bring something personal to the sales process.
Extrovert-Sensing-Emotional-Critical are often members of local committees, where they are considered friendly and active members. Both at home and at work they may be undervalued, as is often seen around their dignity as a matter of course. Because they are always in a good mood, friendly and caring people can forget about the fact that such qualities should be valued. They need a proper assessment of its operations, having achieved it, all continue to support and care for all. This is the meaning of life for the people of this type, and they have little interest in challenging theories that are the subject of constant headache for people like Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving that they are opposite in nature. Women of this type is generally considered that the abstract thinking - is the destiny of men.

A family member with the nature of this type resembles the rest of the time of admission, dates and so on and the scheduling of cases, often accompanying other so that they can have time to time. Family life is full of chores and family chores. Of these activities and then enthusiastically told friends, and about each event with the smallest details. Often speak about the family around this type of man as a family, "a cohesive and generally excellent," perhaps because they gather all the members of the family and take care of everyone.

Alternative lifestyles success with extroverts-Touch-Emotional-Playoffs do not enjoy, they tend to believe that another lifestyle will threaten their status quo.

Extroverts-Sensory-Emotional-deciding, you may need to control yourself this: do not rush right into a new business, looking ahead to identify future opportunities, assess the situation from a logical point of view, and pay attention to new information before making a decision. < br />
Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-Crunch - a very common type of personality, their proportion in the population is 18 percent, so these people often communicate with their peers. Women of this type are more women than men.


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