Brief description: cautious, meticulous, logical, organized.

People such as touch, Introvert-Logic-often decisive in such professional fields as banking, insurance, law and accounting. These jobs require a person to work independently, handle-based logic with a detailed, painstaking study of a routine and stick to the order. Introvert-Sensing-Critical Logic, is dominated in many units of the Armed Forces and fit well into an orderly regulated life. They are also the backbone of many traditional institutions, quietly doing their job, always mindful of duty and perform it. They make good superintendents. Others may not recognize or do not appreciate what they do, because the people of this type it may seem rustic and tedious. Introvert-Sensing-Logic-Critical happy to spend hours on the little things, which people have another type does not have the patience. Conscientious and meticulous, they are concentrated and carefully check and recheck facts. Most of these people spend their lives just for doing this, especially in cases when they feel responsible for their work. Look the person in charge - one of the main priorities for them.

A man of this type of living in a state of inner concentration and is usually busy pondering the steps necessary to accomplish the task. If he believes he is right, then nothing will distract his department, which he does. When introverts Touch-logic-solving forced to speak, they do so with difficulty, forcing himself to speak. Around such people sometimes seem inaccessible, since they are usually uncommunicative. But usually people quickly begin to realize that the people of this type is very reliable and it can rely on. For information about the world they are usually derived from newspapers that are read from first to last column, as well as through television and radio.
Introverts at public events, Sensory Logic, Critical-life of the party did not happen, it is more characteristic of the opposite type Ideas, entertainment, prospects for a special role in their lives do not play. But if you ask a person about the details associated with his work or hobby, it will give a lot of the true facts from ancient times to the present day. Some other types of people may not see the need for the gathering of facts about diverse things, apparently unrelated, but Introvert-Sensing-Critical Logic-hoarding facts upon hearing or reading about them, they remember them.

Such people usually work on a regular schedule. Routine is an important part of their lives.

Free time they can spend in traditional clubs or groups that range from Girl Scouts to the club of "Rotary" or the Bureau of the Soviets for the citizens, church communities, clubs in the protection of public interests and sports clubs. Esoteric groups are unlikely to be interested.

Women of this type are usually satisfied with the traditional role of wife and mother, but may feel lost and worthless in middle age, when children leave home. These women are less likely to come out into the world to "leave their mark." If they work, it is usually with a sense of guilt for having neglected the responsibility for maintaining the home. All the people of this type - always a stable family, where you can rely on.

People such as touch, Introvert-Logic-Crunch should monitor themselves in this: not to delay the case for a long time, to assess future possibilities, take into account the feelings of others, before deciding to take into account new information.

No less than six percent of the population are of this type, and because they tend to group themselves with like-minded, do not feel isolated. Men of this type more than women.



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