Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-Perceiving Summary: discreet, creative, logical, and adaptable.

Opinion introvert-intuitive-sense logic is always logical and rational, and is generally believed that he was intellectually superior to others. This is because his mind quickly grasps the importance of the information that relates to the subject of consideration, eliminating all irrelevant. Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-sense are often one step ahead of others who can not quickly follow their complicated rationale.
When they perceive the new information and ideas, their minds immediately adapts to them, already had ideas and solutions, they instantly alter the way that they respond to new data. They do it with pleasure, justifying themselves by saying that everything in life is changing and expanding. The problems are usually treated by them situationally, as something which develops, but not as a set of established circumstances and still in need of a specific reaction.

However, turning ideas into reality - it is another matter, because they speculate may be too far removed from reality, or simply impractical. The probability that Introverts-Intuitive-Logic-sense will be able to bring their ideas to the practical implementation is small, because their mind is already running ahead of anything the next, what they noticed. Other people who have the ability to accept ideas from people of this type may usurp the laurels of a discoverer.

As Introverts, Intuitive-Logic-sense live mainly in the abstract world of thoughts and ideas, they may look like human beings, immersed in themselves aloof and eccentric. They are often active readers, devouring book after book, and the people around ask: Have they ever visited by the real world? Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-sense let the real world with all its affairs to sail past them, they live in their own, the theoretical world.

The work, which opened to the best of introvert-intuitive-logic-sense, hard to find. Most often they manifest themselves in research in the area where they are constantly adding new information to their findings. The work, which requires strict discipline and attention to detail, not for them, and it is unlikely that the type of person will succeed in these classes. Any work introvert-intuitive-sense logic should allow to test absolutely everything connected with it, with an immediate response when testing is optional. In our society, a man of this type is highly recognized than a woman of the same type, which can be viewed as a nonkonformistka.

The family Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-The receiver is kept away from the home and public life - in contrast to the extroverted type-Sensory-Emotional-solving, it is the opposite. But the introvert-intuitive-Logic-The receiver is usually easy for people around and happy home life provides an opportunity to flow smoothly with him, not at all feel the disorder that reigns in the house, and the lack of regular meals. Keep the house constantly and methodically this type of people do not like, and besides, they do not see that need. If a family has children, the introvert-intuitive-logic-sense like them to develop their minds, rather than skills, and strive to give them that opportunity.

Introvert-intuitive-logic-sense must control yourself this: do not spend too much time for consideration of cases based on the facts, take into account the feelings of others, not to postpone the decision for too long, and keep track of deadlines.

Accounting for about one percent of the population, introverts, intuitive-logic-sense is unlikely to come into frequent contact with people of the same type, in particular because the lead rather solitary lives.


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