The extrovert-intuitive-emotional-perceiving

extrovert-intuitive-emotional-perceiving Summary description: sociable, creative, people-oriented, adaptable.

Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-The receiver is likely to lead a full and varied life, and it is common to several careers in the life of let go. In their work they bring warmth and enthusiasm, and their imaginative, inventive mind draws power nearly everything that attracts them. Others are attracted to them is a joyful and deeply humane attitude that makes this type of personality is very popular.
In any work requires the involvement of other people alone for a long time, they can not work productively. They love to express new ideas and projects in and say so convincingly that others are infected by their enthusiasm and support for the proposal. This is followed by a great work on the presentation of the project both verbally and in writing, and negotiating with the countless people who can engage in the business. However, once the project begins to be carried out and there is a need for detailed, painstaking practice, become restless and lose enthusiasm. If you do not find touch, which will take the details of the excellent initiatives, the project may die quietly. By the nature of it is better to start a new business, and not complete it, and people are more organized often wonder why, with such a magnificent beginning of the case eventually reached an impasse. Although for a time successfully cope with a specific practical work - and can be very successful due to the ability to adapt and the ability to improvise - they are more attracted by the work, which requires an active interaction with others. In commerce and advertising, they will almost certainly work with brilliance, they are also interested in psychology and pedagogy. Contribute their talents and acting career. In business, their style - encouraging colleagues and employees. Of the people of this type are rarely obtained by demanding, hard heads. As a partner, they are pleasant, soft, pliable, and cute. Men and women of this type can effortlessly captivate people. Smile, look, intended only to you, a fleeting kiss, and now you have caught! Living with a person of this type for the perceiver can be very easy, but a person with a strong predisposition for the final type may have the impression that the Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-The receiver is unpredictable because it can squander money impulsively on luxury items prohibitively expensive.

often feel completely exhausted, because small events of everyday life are perceived as full of meaning and special importance. The mind is always working hard, learning, and continuously comparing incoming information, which can lead to overload and subsequent depression. Since this type of man is constantly at work, he can expend all their energy, and in such cases, it needs the support and assurances of others to continue the work. As a rule, these people are very receptive to the mood and character of others, but sometimes can lead to incorrect conclusions on the basis of their susceptibility. have a lot of friends and colleagues, their phone book full of names. Ambient know that when they need someone to come into contact, they can always refer to this type of friend.

A man of this type must be controlled in itself: do not throw without looking at a new business, pay attention to the facts and look at the situation from a logical point of view, not to postpone the decision for too long, as well as to monitor the designated deadline.

Nearly four percent of the population belong to the type of Extrovert-Intuitive-Emotional-Perceiving. Because they are actively moving, the high probability of meeting with people of the same type. As long as they hold a new project and they are surrounded by people who support them, the people of this type are generally satisfied with their lives.


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