Different people behind a table

behind a table
Extrovert favor (if he accepts, but not decisive, perhaps, with his mouth full) on the cake and everything else, of course, if he was tired and did not go talking about what he is not interested.

Introvert will chew the cake in silence, if it Introvert-Intuitive-logic, or if he came to the feast straight from the stormy meeting. If Introvert-Sensor-Logic came after spending some time alone with yourself, you can talk to, but not necessarily about what he is talking now Extrovert.

Touch notice that the cherry pie, and will enjoy its taste, Extrovert-touch express their opinions out loud, even if it is known to all commonplace. Touch-Crunch may initially eat the cake, leaving the cherry for last, but can eat a pie in the proper order, that is to eat cherries as they become available. The receiver first touch-eat cherries, of course, if he loves them.

Intuitive can not help noticing that it was eating cherry pie, but definitely ask about how the cake is scheduled for tomorrow, and try to guess from the prevailing atmosphere in the company, what they actually chew!

Logics will be thinking of cherry pie. Touch-Logic will probably invent a new recipe for cherry pie and ponder the question, is it possible to use the recipes and other cooking this pie. Intuitive-Logic can think of something totally extraneous, for example, and not whether we have indigestion after eating too much or if he potolsteet after such a feast? If any of the statements extrovert comes (to be heard) to the introvert-intuitive-logic (remember that the introvert-intuitive-Logic-The receiver will be impervious), Introvert-Intuitive-Logic-Crunch may think a little bit and say clearly: "A person does not should be so much fuss and attach importance to what he eats: in life there are more serious things to discuss! "

Emotional well decide for yourself whether he liked the cake or not, so that it will be either happy or start to worry about all those present in the belief that everyone feels the same. If someone is openly express feelings, contrary to the feelings of emotional, he is very upset. Emotional-decisive try to determine what makes the current disharmony in the group, and get rid of it. Extrovert, emotional, decisive, perhaps, ask the waitress if we could replace with something tart. Extrovert-Sensory-Emotional-decisive will go so far as to say, dissatisfied: "Some people like cake, and someone cherries." And offer to change the one on the other (cherry cake) regardless of what he himself likes to disgruntled received desired and satisfied, and the table would have reigned in the world.

Deciding wants to demonstrate normal and acceptable way of absorption of cherry pie.

The receiver will enjoy cake and gather all the crumbs!


By now you've probably already begun to guess what the picture is your personality type. Now we proceed to the consideration of 16 different personality types, which are formed on the basis of these preferences.



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