Anna and her husband

Anna and her husband
Now we can understand what leads to each other and are perceived Playoffs, but at the same time, each type can make another climb on the wall! The decisive benefit from the ease and cheerfulness of the perceiver - Crunch is usually not at ease, as relates to the more organized people, and for the receiving favorable ability to deal with in life to bring organization and order. Many relationships are built on this principle: The receiver brings a fun and adaptability in a relationship, and the decisive organizing life for them both.
Anna (crucial), knowing that the next weekend my husband will be out trying to plan this weekend, and arrange a visit to her two friends. Both are individual perceived. Anna strongly encourages them to assign a specific visit, willing to bring it into your weekly, but none of her friends, belonging to the type of perceiving, is not prepared in advance to be bound by certain obligations. One says that "knows" how will this weekend, another suggests, "let's wait and see until they come off." Anna is upset because the two friends spent a lot of time perceiving, discussing all the options of what to do in those days off. Crucial decisions are usually faster and do everything necessary to organize the event, which is why so upset girlfriend Anna, who showed himself so indecisive, leaving her with the plans that have no precise evidence, and it is for the individual type of address for dealing with an acute sense of anxiety.

People perceive the type required to work in an organization with strict discipline, which requires a clear response to and from work, find themselves in situations where only in the evenings and at weekends there is a chance to stay open and flexible. At work, they may look like a decisive, but in the home environment are quite different, relaxed and at ease.


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