Solving and Perceiving persons in life

Solving and Perceiving
These two types of attitude towards life, and perceived decisive, lead to the opposite lifestyles. A highly organized individual to decide whether all types of planning in advance, prepare and complete projects on time. The days pass in a constructive and creative work and rarely blow in vain. Crucial often work with a sense of the need to hurry up and always move straight to the completion of work, whether it be cooking dinner or making the report. Work in progress does not come out with is decisive of the mind and does not rest. Crunch can not be happy and serene, if the task set is not yet implemented.
Less organized and more flexible type of person perceives himself rarely makes up for some plans, making the same can constantly change them. No special training is usually not performed, perceiving prefer to solve problems as they arise. We are perceived not so often get the feeling the need to hurry. He used to collect much more information than is actually required to complete the work. The result is usually perceived more work in parallel, while the decisive prefers to solve one problem after another in sequence. People perceive the type of experience the pleasure of life itself, and are less concerned with the achievement of certain results.

While decisive restless until the work is completed, The receiver may feel a vague anxiety after completion of the work, feeling that the chapter of the book of life is closed permanently, and nothing can not be changed.
About 55 percent of the U.S. population belongs to the type of decisive and 45 percent to the type of the perceiver. Among men and women found an equal number of people of any type on this characteristic.


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