Pluses and minuses of the Logician and Emotional

pros and cons
Logic, both men and women have a greater ability to say unpleasant things in the face, they are usually honest, even in those cases where fairness is associated with a faux pas. They are less anxious to look pleasant in all respects.

On the other hand, the emotional struggle to not get in a position where I must say something unpleasant may be ashamed and do not tell the truth, not to exercise tact. Emotional strive always like other people, many of them are looking for opportunities in which they can act on the emotional type, thus earning a warm attitude and the approval of others.

For example, the logic more appropriate to declare a person to dismiss. Although we can not say that such a commission will bring pleasure to a man, but does worry he will not. For the emotional task will be a human ordeal, and he will try to blame it on someone else. If you can not avoid such a request, it will be emotional to consider themselves personally engaged and fully share the sentiments and feelings dismissed. Logical People and Emotional types can live and work together with greater ease, when each of them can explain their point of view, the partner of another type. Logics will see that the emotional can understand and justify his logic and emotional understand that Logic is experiencing deep feelings, even if does not display them openly. If the logic is ready to be with the feelings and desires of others, and emotionally prepared to consider the logical consequences of a decision, then the chances of agreement between them are large enough. Both will feel that the point of view, each taken into account.


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