The relations of the Logician and Emotional

Logical People and Emotional types may find that they are not so do not understand each other, how many did not agree among themselves. Logic may feel that the emotional amorphous and unstable in its decisions, and Emotional might think about the logic of the people as heartless and cold.

Learning about the unpleasant situation, people such as Logic, probably shrug and say, "Bad", while the emotional all kind express sympathy and say: "Poor." However, the logician is experiencing the same feelings as emotional, but he tries not to show them. Emotional feelings are often people are quite obvious, is clearly readable on his face and gestures appear in.
It is believed that the people of this description is equally divided, half a preferences such as logical, half - Emotional preference type. However, by gender, this characteristic only where there is inequality of logic applies to about 65 percent of men and only 35 percent of women, while 65 percent of women predisposed to type Emotional behavior at 35 per cent of men. This difference between men and women on the personality types allows us to assume that men in our society operates mainly head and a woman - the heart.

A typical scene: Logic seeks to compel a woman such as Emotional: "Try for once to be logical," while a woman is emotional man may declare a boolean: "Try it once with me to share my feelings." This situation is common, as we have more men like Logic, and the majority of women belong to the type of emotionally. But when the signs of change, which happens much less often, the situation goes beyond the traditions of our culture. Despite the bold statement in the world of the "new man", from which the expected behavior on the emotional type, we do not humble ourselves as a manifestation of emotional type in it, and the logical type in it. The Company continues to believe for such a pair only natural behavior of the traditional type.


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