Advantages of touch and intuitive type of the personality

We see that both types of perception are the same, which one is best depends on what kind of information you require. When you will be taking an important decision, it would be nice to discuss the issue with the representative of the opposite type: it is possible that your attention will turn to the information which you have not thought of. Thus, the perception will be more balanced information about the problem will be presented to wider and more accurate, which will make the right decision.

Sometimes a person feels that the type can not be attributed either to touch the person, nor intuitive - it is somewhere in between. It is not very good. Aware that we dominate the personality traits of sensory or intuitive, we know what to expect from him, and we go through life, enjoying all the benefits of its type. If you were not there Nor There - in the middle - you never know what your preferences are and, respectively, than your strength. In the performance of specific work is not clear which function is currently prevails.
If you feel that you're in the middle, then from time to time you should be, is not easy in life. Of course, there are reasons why you have remained undeveloped natural disposition, and one of them is that one or more dispositions were suppressed in childhood. And as an adult you do not have a chance to develop your true function. However, to take steps towards its true I am never late, even if these steps will be tiny. In the future you will be presented a clearer picture of what was just said.


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