Touch and intuitive types of the person

Statistics show that sensory perception is peculiar 75 percent of the population, and intuitive - 25%. It is also believed that the sensory and intuitive perception in equal shares fall on men and women. Since the sensor is much more personality than intuitive, we see that the people with the character of sensory feel better in the outside world. People with an intuitive perception of the minority and often feel out what is happening in society.

Misunderstandings in communication between people occur in all four pairs of characteristics, but the differences between the preferences on the touch and intuitive type of cause the most severe disorders and differences. Since the sensor need to be knowledge gained through one of the five senses, which means literally: they need to see, feel, touch, feel, taste and smell, otherwise the information for them as it does not exist.
For intuitive around happily exist in his imagination, the need and demand for the realities there. People are intuitive scroll ideas and concepts in the mind, linking one to another. When contacting these two types of people may have difficulty in understanding what one is trying to say to another.


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