Extroverts and introverts in life

In the home environment during cohabitation extroverts and introverts can be difficult, because each needs what the other is unable to give! Extroverts need to talk about everything, and he wastes energy introverts. If an extrovert does not feel the response in an introvert, he doubles his efforts to talk with him! On the other hand, the need for an introvert in a space for solitude is rarely satisfied extrovert. In order to satisfy their need for privacy, introversion more goes into itself, causing even more extrovert insist on communicating.

At the meetings, and meetings with whatever they were related, and are usually extroverts and introverts. We all participate in meetings or enter into a group of people that may be associated with business, social life or just a circle of friends. Here are a few examples of how the apparent preference of extroverts and introverts.

The group, consisting of extroverts and introverts, extroverts are likely to start talking first to their opinions heard. Continue the conversation other extroverts, and often it happens that introverts do not express their opinion. It happens unintentionally: extroverts are confident that introverts, of course, would be favored if wanted. But many introverts need time in a relaxed atmosphere to reflect before they start talking. And in most groups and most meetings of such a possibility does not arise. If there is a need for a decision, the introverts will show their best side in the event that they will be given time to calm analysis of the problems raised, and then will be invited to speak.

Faced with an introvert, we must remember that the best they had hidden inside, and in everyday life it is difficult to prove. Only after an introvert is well know you will have confidence he will be able to show their best qualities. The above is very important for understanding the types of introverts, and in detail with this thesis you will be introduced later.

To survive in the outside world, introverts are developing all the traits of extroverts, some are more, others - less. If the introvert to an end, an important report as it is necessary to speak, he usually does it. Satisfied that he was introduced to the outside world from his point of view, the introvert, by doing the task, returns to his inner world.

In those cases, when attracted to each other people with contrasting personalities, many couples are different preferences characteristic of extroverts have one partner for introverts - the other. Extroverts attracted to the introverted calm and power: they instinctively feel that their vitality is needed balance. Introverts extroverts are attracted to the openness and friendliness. But attraction is attraction, and life together requires more than just sympathy, and both are faced with a different approach to life. Understanding why a particular approach is a partner, helping them to get along.


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