Extroverts and introverts

According to the United States, 70-75 percent of the population - extroverts and introverts make up 20-25 percent. Men and women of extroverts and introverts equal amount. Because extroverts more than introverts, they live in this world better. Introverts - a minority, and they often feel the pressure of extroverts who are social and open. Because introverts less, they, like most minority groups, often in the role of eccentric and reclusive people. We must appreciate the extroverts and introverts are equally - and she and the other group contributes to society, though in different ways.
Extroverts often speak faster and louder than introverts, sometimes helping his active gestures. Introverts speak slowly and calmly, facial expressions and body language are to a lesser extent.

Thoughts and ideas become extroverts clear to him when he talks about them to others, introverts have thoughts and ideas crystallized after he gets an opportunity to reflect on their own.

The classic extrovert, left to themselves for a long time, become restless, need to communicate with others. Restoring your energy in communication, while they can continue to work in and of themselves. The classic introvert, bound for too long to be in society, tired and exhausted. They need to stay at rest. Restored in the privacy of their energy, they can once again take part in communion.


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