The relation of introverts to the world

introvert enjoy working with people some of the time, but it needs space for solitary activities. Needs time to read, meditate or just sit quietly.

It prefers to meet with a small number of people. It is better to give one on one contact, crowding, and exhausts exhausts.

It prefers to wait until the news of other people will not come to it themselves. In more interested in your thoughts.

Draws energy from the inside and prefers to conserve energy, rather than spend it.
Being with other people, needs time to think before he can express his opinion. If others say it may not even speak. It may have difficulty talking on the phone.

He likes to think before they take effect. Sometimes it may not proceed to act in a timely manner.

Its hard to know for real, because the best part of the personality hidden. Considers the environment talkative extroverts unpleasant.

Requires a person to become more balanced, having developed a certain extrovert traits.


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