The extrovert and the Introvert

Type Extrovert or Introvert personality characterizes our preferences in relations with the outside world: that we are nicer - the outer world of people and things or the inner world of thought and contemplation? Whatever the preference, it is from one of these sources we draw the energy.

Extroverts and Introverts need a different kind of surroundings to stimulate themselves and recover energy. Extraverts need interaction with others, they are talkative and easy to express your thoughts, more open than restrained. Introverts need for privacy, particularly valuable for them to have time to think and reason, they are more restrained than the open.
Extroverts are revealed under pressure to the outside world, while the introvert, these requirements are being taken away from the world. Extroverts are social and friendly: they need to discuss with others their ideas and life experiences. Introverts - people are alienated and detached, they are for your peace of mind you want to spend much time alone with him.

Extroverts need to constantly be in contact with other people: talk, talk, do their job. His focus is on the outside world. Extroverts make decisions quickly and act immediately solve problems when they occur. If your home or office is surrounded by an extrovert introverts, it's very worried about him because he needs constant feedback and communication with others.

Introverts quite different: they need time for themselves, without foreign. At this time, they reflect. They are not as quick in action, as extroverts, preferring to think about and discuss issues with yourself before you begin to act. They are more patient, their attention is directed inward. If an introvert surrounded by extroverts are at home or at work, then it is tedious. Sometimes introverted hiding their emotions from others. Consequently, the ratio of extrovert directed outwards, introvert attitude inside.

Next, we consider the nature of the relationship extroverts and introverts in the world, determine which of the two characteristics closer to you.


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