Taras and Eugene

Let us consider some typical situations from everyday life. Here are some examples in which you define what conduct is responsible for your character to a greater extent in comparison with another type of behavior. See how a course of action in the example corresponds to your preferences. More details on this issue later sanctify.

Taras and Eugene quite differently communicate with friends and acquaintances. Taras is working in the office and spends much time among the people. He needs time to himself, to restore energy, because the constant exposure to people harassed him. He likes to spend evenings at home, in a calm atmosphere. Eugene is very different. Her energy is updated in the process of communicating with friends and acquaintances, and the loneliness leads to depression. Therefore, the words addressed to her husband: "I would like to invite some friends for dinner this week, I think I have an eternity with no one saw" - cause his amazement. Taras amazed why Eugene had the impression that she did not talk to anyone? He exclaims: "What are you? Just last week we were at a party Jora and Xenia!"

Another solution could lifestyle you prefer: the need for privacy of Taras or the desire to Eugene frequently to communicate?


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