The typology of personality

All people are different - the understanding of this fact it is a thousand years ago. In the year 450 BC, Hippocrates proposed a classification for which type of individual character and temperament could be assigned to one of four categories that differ sharply from each other. Several centuries mankind has adhered to this theory. Only with the publication of the book Carl Jung's "Psychological Types" saw the light of more detailed analysis of human psychology. In the Swiss psychologist, has been shown that each of us has a specific and well-recognizable features. Although this book was just a tiny part of his scientific work, she served as a solid foundation for further studies of long-term.
Among the scholars who recognized the value of Young's personality, was an American, and Katherine Myers: Jung's views coincided with her ideas. Kathryn Myers has long been enthusiastically explores the differences in the behavior of people around her, and the theory of Young's inspired her to continue working. Daughter of Catherine, Isabella, with her mother shared the commitment and dedication to the concepts expressed. Two women, who, incidentally, were not psychologists have devoted life of that knowledge, which embraced the theory of Jung. Their tireless, hard work lasted for forty years, despite strong opposition from the scientific environment and the lack of a friendly relationship. In 1962, the completion of their work, they have made a questionnaire that can be used was to classify and identify 16 different personality types. This work is called typological questionnaire Myers - Briggs (MBTI - Myers - Briggs Type Indicator). That this book was the final document, which were embodied the results of years of research.

First this work did not arouse much enthusiasm, but in 1972, Florida was established formal research organization - the Center for Applied Studies of Psychological Type (CAPT). Center began collecting information and data about the types of personality, and to date become a global bank of information on the typology of personality.


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