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Do you ever get confused because of an unexpected reaction from a person's inner circle? How often do you have a desire to understand why people are just so and not otherwise feel, think and act? Since all live and work in a particular environment, each will inevitably happen to be fascinated, intrigued, or fall into despair because of the fact that the person with whom he communicates an entirely different character. At certain times we are surprised even our own reactions, especially in cases where the reaction is puzzling associates. If we could at least to some degree to understand themselves and those close to us who comes to us in everyday relationships, then life could have been calmer and not so hard!
Our goal is to show how much different our perceptions, thinking and action, and how each affects the characteristics of the many misunderstandings that arise in relationships. Later you will learn about what your own personality type, what are the features of the character of others and how you can use the knowledge acquired at home, at work and in public life.

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the personal attachment, work and duty, understanding personality type makes perception more informed, more balanced judgment, and life closer to your heart.


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